Are you ready to take the next step in your professional career?

Express Holdings is comprised of various companies that are focused on helping tradesmen, and tradeswomen, realise their possible dream of owning their own business. A potentially suitable candidate who would enjoy the benefits of being a business-owner under the Express Holdings banner would need to be qualified in their particular field of expertise (not limited to but including a plumber, electrician, pest control operator, gas installer, electrical fence installer, etc.) with a desire to have their own business; or a small business owner who has been unable to make a successful business leap forward.

Express Holdings will provide support from start to finish by providing guidance in administrative, financial, procedural, marketing, and business-related fields, and as a company that was only established in 2021, they have already enjoyed much success in turning employees into successful business owners!

If you feel drawn to Express Holdings’ mission and vision statements, and if you believe that receiving invaluable support will ensure your success, get in contact with Express Holdings to discuss getting started.